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Celiac Disease Symptoms

Since celiac disease symptoms occur as a result of consuming gluten, people often categorize celiac disease (CD) as a digestive disorder. But the symptoms are actually the result of an autoimmune disease, and often the most insidious and serious signs aren’t as tangible and immediate as various intestinal discomforts. CD may also manifest itself very differently in different people, so it is difficult to use a checklist of symptoms to identify this condition.

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Gluten Intolerance Vocabulary

You are not alone if you are confused by the vocabulary used in the gluten intolerance discussion. There are over a dozen different terms used interchangeably to represent three different conditions, and most people don’t even realize that there are three distinct conditions under the gluten intolerance umbrella. Having a better understanding of the terminology can help empower you on your quest for better health.

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Celiac Disease Constipation Leads to Celiac Depression?

While the claim that constipation caused by celiac disease can lead to depression may be a little bold there may be some truth to it. One of the celiac disease symptoms for some people is constipation. Depression is another possible consequence of of gluten intolerance, whether it is celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. The connection between the two may not be entirely clear yet, but there are some interesting thoughts on this matter.

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