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Celiac Disease Symptoms

Since celiac disease symptoms occur as a result of consuming gluten, people often categorize celiac disease (CD) as a digestive disorder. But the symptoms are actually the result of an autoimmune disease, and often the most insidious and serious signs aren’t as tangible and immediate as various intestinal discomforts. CD may also manifest itself very differently in different people, so it is difficult to use a checklist of symptoms to identify this condition.

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Gluten Allergy Rash

With so many unexplained skin conditions, it is easy to place the blame on gluten. This becomes even more common when a phenomenon like gluten intolerance features so many confusing layers. So with all this confusion and different terms for separate conditions, how can you figure out if you are really suffering from a gluten allergy rash or not? Read more to find some direction and clarity.

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