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The Possible Future of Probiotics and Gluten Intolerance

Could gut bacteria explain why celiac disease manifests itself in some genetically predisposed people but not in others? Could we develop an effective treatment for celiac disease using probiotics? Recent research suggests the microbiome in the human digestive tract may illuminate the celiac disease trigger. It may also illuminate an effective treatment. Read on to learn more.

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The Relationship Between Celiac Disease and Other Autoimmune Diseases

In an allergic reaction, your immune system over-reacts to a foreign substance the human body usually ignores. In an autoimmune disease, your immune system reacts to normal cells or tissues that it usually ignores or accepts. This is why a peanut allergy can trigger a severe reaction via anaphylactic shock while celiac disease can do damage without any evident, tangible reaction after eating gluten.

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Your Complete Gluten Free Survival Kit?

So you know you have gluten intolerance. What now? You need a comprehensive Gluten Free Survival Kit. Enjoy a fun gluten-free cookbook, a comprehensive guide, safe and unsafe ingredient lists, a meal planner and more, all with no shipping cost and a 110% money-back guarantee. Read on to understand why I believe everyone embarking on a journey to a gluten-free lifestyle should seriously consider this excellent and comprehensive survival kit.

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Gluten Intolerance In Children

Sadly, many parents are not even aware that their child has gluten intolerance until the symptoms become more noticeable and severe. If gluten intolerance in children isn’t treated, it can turn serious and cause more stressful symptoms during adolescence and into adulthood. The symptoms are not always easy to diagnose so it is important to be vigilant and watch for all of these symptoms.

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Celiac Disease Constipation

Among the most common gluten intolerance symptoms is either diarrhea or constipation along with gas and bloating. Besides being uncomfortable celiac disease constipation isn’t a healthy condition to have for too long. Knowing how to treat this constipation by following a proper diet and eating more of the best foods for constipation can give you a great deal of relief and improve your health.

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